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Gifts for Christmas

Celebrate Christmas this year with greater peace of mind. All our flower bulbs are hand selected, and then packed in high quality gift boxes, to be delivered directly from our store to your door. As such arriving conveniently and in time - without the hassle of mail delays so typical over the Christmas period.      

Gifts for Workplaces

Your employees, business associates and clients deserve to be appreciated. Give your Thank-you message with a sustainable Christmas or End-of-Year gift that grows. Bulbs are supplied dormant so they do not need any watering or care in the first few weeks - thereafter plant them according the instructions included.  

Gifts for Weddings

Share your special day with your guests with a Thank-you gift that really add something extra to your wedding day. The bulbs come in sturdy recyclable gift boxes, yet the boxes are small enough not to be in the way of any table arrangements, or to take home afterwards.


 Gifts for Life's special moments

Celebrate housewarmings, a birth of a baby,  birthday's, graduations, Mother's days and much more. Afterwards, plant bulbs in a pot or directly in the garden, to enjoy for years to come. In fact, bulbs slowly multiply by division, as such they are basically everlasting.    

Gifts for Remembrance days

Flower bulbs add something special on days of bereavement and remembrance - they promise growth and continuity - an unique way to sympathize with family and friends when they perhaps need it most.



Gifts for Yourself

Or just spoil yourself! Bulbs are  very easy and rewarding to grow in a pot or garden. Actually, bulb plants are generally so hardy, they thrive on neglect once established. They are also water wise, being able to store both water and food to use when needed. This makes them perfect for today's time poor gardener! 


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