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This spectacular recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society, truly deserves this award. A native of South Africa, it flowers in late summer when few others blooms do, is easy to grow, disease free and waterwise. Its stunning pink lilies are on tall stems, and look equally beautiful in the garden, pot or vase. 

Belladonna lily (6 pink)

  • Plant name

    Plant family - Amaryllidaceae

    Botanical name - Amaryllis belladonna

    Common name - Belladonna lily, Naked lady lily, Jersey lily, March lily.

    Main cultivars - Alba (white), Belladonna (pink, striped pink and dark pink forms and hybrids).

    Plant description

    Plant type - Bulbs, perennial.

    Plant size - In clumps 60 x 60 x 60 cm. Flowers up to 90 cm tall.

    Leaves - Winter foilage of narrow green leaves.

    Flowers - Flower from late summer to early autumn. Flowers are large and sweetly scented.

    Plant requirements

    Spacing - Space clumps 20 cm centre to centre or more apart.

    Sun or shade - Full sun or dapple shade.

    Water needs - Low. Moist in winter, dry in summer.

    Soil - Well drained acid, alkaline or neutral soil. Will grow in chalk, loam, and sand.

    Tolerance - Rabbits.

    Pests - Snails and slugs.

    Maintenance - Low. Cut back flowers and leaves once they have dried out. Do not disturb plant unnecessary, this plant resents being disturbed.

    Feeding - Annual lite sprinkling of blood and bone during the rainy season will do.

    Garden and home

    Uses - Plant in garden in beds and borders. Patio and container. Fresh cut flowers.

    Style - Gravel and rock garden. Informal, cottage and Mediterranean.


    As a rule, all plants including their flowers, seeds, roots and foliage must be considered unfit for human and pet consumption except if they are commonly known to be fit for consumption.

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