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This iris from Algeria is a fabulous Mediterranean plant to have in your garden due to its bloom time, flowering from late fall to early spring, when so few other flowers do. You will enjoy these sweetly scented flowers which are lavender to deep violet in colour, in the garden or as cut flowers in your home. The plant forms a dense clump of evergreen grassy foliage of dark green narrow, tough leaves, best planted as individual clumps or in rows of clumps. This grassy clump appearance makes it especially suitable for  Mediterranean or Native style gardens.  Being waterwise and sun tough, it can cope in Australia's harsh climate, even along side walks, driveways and against walls.  However - as with most plants in Adelaide - the best results are usually seen when sheltered from the harsh afternoon sun, or when planted in the dappled shade of a tree.

Algerian iris (10 violet)

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  • Plant name

    Plant family - Iris

    Botanical name - Iris unguicularis

    Common name - Algerian Iris, Algerian Winter Iris, Winter Iris, Iris Stylosa

    Main cultivars - Mary Barnard (violet), Walter Butt (pale silver), Alba (white)

    Plant description

    Plant type - Evergreen rhizomatous perennial

    Plant size - In clumps 45cm wide and tall

    Leaves - Evergreen dark green narrow leaves

    Flowers - Flower from late fall to early spring. Sweetly scented, lavender to deep violet in colour, up to 5-8cm wide

    Plant requirements

    Spacing - Space clumps 45 cm centre to centre or more apart

    Sun or shade - Full sun to dapple shade (preferably)

    Water needs - Low, however do not let it dry out completely

    Soil - Well drained dry alkaline or neutral soil, will grow in loam, clay and sand

    Tolerance - Rabbits, drought

    Pests - Snails and slugs5

    Maintenance - Low. Cut back leaves before flowering commence (preferably), or after flowering. Propagate by division from midsummer to fall. Do not disturb unnecessary, this plant resents being disturbed.

    Feeding - Annual lite sprinkling of blood and bone, before winter flowering commence. (Beginning of the rainy season.)

    Garden and home

    Uses - Plant in garden against banks and slopes. Beds and borders. Against walls in sun. Patio and container. Fresh cut flowers

    Style - City, courtyard, coastal, informal, cottage, Mediterranean


    As a rule, all plants including their flowers, seeds, roots and foliage must be considered unfit for human and pet consumption except if they are commonly known to be fit for consumption.


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